zondag 5 mei 2013

The adventure's of Ivy-Adventure 3 (Operation Icecream!)

Operation Getting IceCream! Adventure 3

Ok,So..Today was a adventure to.
Short...But special
It all afcourse started by...Going to the fridge.


Mummy,Was sleeping.We'll..That's actually what i thought.
I Screamed in the house :'Mummyyyy,dere ish nuu Icwecweaammm!'
But...She was'nt at home.She was going to the Shop.
So i thougth..:'She is'nt here so..Lets go to the icecweamshwop!'
So i went to my mommy's room..Quickly i sneeked into her room,And stole 2L$ out of here Purse.I walked into my room,Picked 2L$ out of my purse and put it in mommy's Purse.You might think:'If wuu had 2L$ Why did wuu get 1 out of you're mommy's purse?!" We'll This is it: Mummy's rwoom is Mutch Closer to where i was standings!'
I had to walk 3 stairs to go up into my Room.
So..nuu..I got 1 from mommy's purse.But i had to go to the bathroom,and my bathroom is near my room..So i got 2L$ out of my purse.But,Nvm..Lets go back to where i was.
So i walked to the door.With my dolly.Her name is Acacia zoella Diaz.She got the same Backname as mes! My names is Emerald Matilda Diaz.Awesome rwight?
So i walked to the dear with my dolly..

Then I walked to the car...With acacia.

And then i finnaly arrived at The icecream shop!

But the funny thing of it was,That no one was in there! I could have stole it,
And i cant go to jail,Cuz mummy learned me that i ish a kids and kids don't go to Jails..So i Could have stole it..But i afcourse did'nt it.With al my power i had to stretch my body to put 2L$ On the thingy.But it worked :]
Here,I ish not making a fashion blog but here is what mes was wearing ♥:

-Hair: Magika [01] Now
-Outfit: Ello poppet! This lil piggy
-Ice cream: Mystic Ice cream shop
-Headband: Part of this lil piggy
-Shoes:Part of this lil piggy
-Shape:Made by meh
-Eyes: Blue green ID.Fatpack
-Skin:Mother goose's charmy

There wuu go's :]
Thanks for reading and habes a nice day!

zondag 7 april 2013

Adventure 2

Hey everyone!

Its me Ivy.Today I had a funny day,Weard...But very funny :D.
You can call it:"The adventure,of getting something right before you're momma knows it!".
It all started,When i simply was washing my hands:

I wash it,And i was singing a bit..."Dora,Dora...".So i washed my hands,and i was proud at myself.
Cuz normaly momma washes my hands.And dry's it off.But,Today it was'nt.Momma was gone for a bit.And i was here on my own.I really liked it,And afcourse momma would'nt let me be alone! But she could'nt make it.And i was fine,Cuz i know where to go when a stranger comes.
I know where my frying pan is!After that i "thougth" i was done.But i was'nt.I forgot to turn the water off.Sow i runned to the playroom and i was drawing something for momma.

I was singing and dancing,And i putted the radio on.I was dancing and laughing,and i still did'nt know that the water was still on! I drawed and stuffs,Until....I was dancing with my eyes coverd,
i runned to my sleepingroom to get my sleeping mask,and i thought that,when my eyes was  coverd,
i could re-act like i am in a disco.I had so match fun,But...Then i jumped,and i heard some "splashing" sounds..."splash!!".I took my sleeping mask off,and under my little socks i saw...WATER!
I runned in to the kitchen  and this is what i saw:

I cryed,and i thought that i would sink! And that the water will come to the top!
But it did'nt,Only if i would'nt stop it! I runned with my wet socks,and i falled down a few times,
I actually was laughing,
I had a idea! I was running to my room and i was opening my lugagge for camp.
I took my hair dryer and said:" If wuu cwan dry mah hwair,thwen ywou prwobebly cwan dry thwa flwoor!" 
i came downstairs and i was drying tha floor.It took me for hours!

But it finnaly worked!
I was so happy,
Then momma came at home and said:"Wow,The house is clean,Who did this?"
I was laughing,
i was super happy and i was hugging momma.
I said:"Hush momma,Thwats a lwong storyy fwor u,"
and we both watched tv,in tha superduper clean house!
So everyone who wants hes house to be clean,
Call me =D.
That was my adventure for this day,
I hope you all loved it!
Bye bye everyone,
Huggies&Kisses Ivy.

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Adventure 1: Me ❥

Adventure 1: Me ❥

Hey Guys,
My name is Ivy Marie-Anne Collins.I'm 2 years old,And i love adventure's!
I'm a little girl,And...Because im just 2 years old.I can't do manny things,
But my adult friend,is there always with me!
Sinds 5 march 2013 I'm on a trail with a lovely woman named Angelina.
She's doing a trail with a other girl to,And i know that we are gonna be a big family.
We wen't to the zoo.En to the church,And after that she tucked us in bed.
I love angelina.she's a dream mom.And she's so super nice,She's making me picture's for my blog.
But,Lets talk about my adventure's.I actually,am not allowed to tell you but:
The second adventure (adventure 2) Is going about Underwater Diving!
Cool is'nt it? But my adventure's aren't only about: Diving,Climbing,Flying and aventure stuff.
Its about my life to.
Like when i go to church,Or go to another land wiff tha airplain.
I'm just a random,Ordinairy,Girl! :D.